Dot Lure Coursing in Hollister

Dot Lure Coursing in Hollister

Saturday, November 14, 2009

South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club Fun Day, Anaheim, CA

South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club Fun Day, Anaheim, CA
November 14 and 15, 2009

Dot is on the far right with the black eye patch.

Photography by Ken Sanders

Borzoi Rescue Sprint Racing!

Borzoi Rescue Sprint Racing
Sloughhouse, CA
November 2009

All Photos by Dave Mills at

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dot Weight Pulling

Weight pulling practice, Loomis, CA

Central Valley Rat Terrier Club UKC Rally Trial, April 16, 17, 18, 2010, Modesto, CA We entered weight pulling all three days and qualified each day to get her UWP title. Here are a couple of videos taken by Audrey showing Rally and Weight Pulling.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Borzoi Rescue All K9 Races!

Borzoi Rescue All K9 Races
Sloughhouse, CA
October 2009


Saturday:First place in all her races, which were all against Chip, a Labrador Retriever

Sunday: First place in all her races. The first was against an Italian Greyhound and the last two were against Dino. Dino was in the terrier group for his first race and then got moved up because he was too fast for them.


Saturday: He raced Dot and Chip and Dino was disqualified for the rest of the day because he went after Chip halfway down the track

Sunday: His first race he won first place because we put him in with the terriers since he usually doesn't run too fast. But he was way out front, so we moved him out of that and moved in the IG. Dino then raced against Dot for the last two. He gave it a good effort. In fact, Audrey said he was out front for a ways on the last one, but then Dot passed him.

These same races will be next month also, so we will try again.

Photos will be coming eventually. Dave Mills was shooting, but I don't know when he will have them ready.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Diggin West JRT Show, Madera County, CA

Diggin' West Challenge
September 27, 2009
Madera, CA


My primary reason to go to this show was to attend the Course A Lure part of the show. It is a combination of lure coursing and agility. I was really looking forward to that.
When I got to the show I found out that the Course A Lure group cancelled. Luckily the club was able to get a person to do lure coursing.
They also let me put Dot into the straight races, but she didn't have any competition in her size, so she ran by herself. Dot didn't care. She still ran super fast the whole way.
Temperatures were very high, definitely into the 90's.
Terrier Races:

Day #1:
She ran in the Outlaw class, which is for the ones over 15 inches. She was the only dog running in her class. In the past she has had a problem going through the hole at the end. She tends to jump the fencing along the end. Well, on her races on Saturday, first she hit the metal pole to the right of the hole and bounced back, then jumped the fence and ran toward the water pool. The second run, she just jumped the fencing and ran to the water pool, never finishing the course.

Day #2:
She ran much better this day and rocketed through the hole at the end without any hesitation. I was trying to visualize with her about going through the hole. I guess it worked.

She actually got two blue ribbons for completing her runs and coming in first place.

Lure Coursing

Day #1:
I ran both of them through the lure coursing, which was in a covered arena. It was small and tight and in dirt. I was kind of nervous about running them there because there were poles and trees on the course, but they seemed to figure a way around them.

It was nice to get both dogs out and running around since Dino had been in the crate in the car until that.

Day #2:
On day two, the lure coursing was outside on grass, which was much better. It was still hot, so they couldn't run too much, but they still managed to loop the course a few times each run before petering out. Well, at least Dino did. Dot never peters. She just gets hot, which she did.

Barn Hunt:
I had never seen this sport before. I happen to see it while walking to lure coursing. It was set inside a real barn on the fairgrounds and they set aside two barn stalls. They set up tree limbs and other brush and obstacles and then hide a real rat inside a cage into some of the brush. They also hide two fake rats with just smell. They want you to indicate when the dog has found the rat and stop the clock. You have to tell them when the dog has found it.

Day #1:
Since the barn hunt was directly next to lure coursing, Dot had a hard time focusing, but after about a minute, she ran into the stall and found the rat very shortly. I was hooked.

Day #2:
I tried this again, but Dot had a hard time finding the rat because the hid it in some brush up on top of a big stack of hay, instead of down under the brush like yesterday. I was able to show her where it was so she could get rewarded. Darn, I will try in Nov for the SCJRTC if they have it.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dot and Dino Participate in All Breed Lure Coursing!

Wags for Wishes
Chula Vista
July 2009

Race 1: Dot, Gizmo (JRT) and Dino
First place for Dot
Race 2: Dot and Gizmo
First place for Dot

Race 1: Dot, Gizmo, Pomeranian and Dino
First place for Dot

Race 2: Dot, Springer, Wheaten, and Dino
First place for Dot
Second place for Dino

Race #3: Dot, Gizmo and Dino
First place for Dot

Race #4: Dot, Gizmo and Dino
First place for Dot

Race #5: Dot, Gizmo and Australian Terrier
Second place for Dot 
(first for Gizmo)

Race #1: Dot, Cocker Spaniel and Tibetian Terrier
First place for Dot

Race #2: Dot and Labrador
First place for Dot

Race #3: Dot and Labrador
Second place for Dot

Friday, July 31, 2009

Temperament Test, Dixon, August 2, 2009

On August 2, 2009, in Dixon, CA, Dot passed her Temperament Test put on by the American Temperament Test Society. Here is a link to the description of the test:

Oval Track Practice, Napa

A greyhound breeder in Napa, about an hour and a half north of my home, has created an oval track on the back part of this property. He uses it to train his own dogs, and then he also has practices for others to use. He has to stop when it rains because it is too sloppy and muddy and that is just his parking lot, which is all dirt.

We have been there several times and both Dino and Dot love it. The back part of the track is built below ground so it is difficult for the dogs to turn around or go through the middle since they can't see it or can't see the start line.

It is good for them to see the differences in types of tracks. They have now done oval track, straight racing and lure coursing and done very well in all of those.

Dot's First Mile Long Track, Santa Rosa, July 30, 2009

I was called to Santa Rosa to do a search for a missing pug by the same of Maya. While driving to their home, I received a call that Maya had been found. Upon arriving, I asked if I could run the track with Dino and then run Dot, who is in tracking training, later on the track, and they said fine. The daughter wanted to go along with me on Maya's track.

Maya's track actually lasted several hours and she stopped it prior to finding the full route because she had to go to work.

After running Maya's track and getting some lunch, I took Dot out to run the same track. For the next hour and a half she got every single corner and turn. I tested her in various spots and she correctly confirmed or denied "yes's" and "no's."

I was thrilled. I had no idea if she could do a long track like that. I knew she would not have a problem with the age of the track because she has completed older tracks. She really has picked up a lot just being on tracks with Dino. What a great way to train a dog. Have them go along on other searches.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Starting on Tracking alongside Dino

I have started to take Dot along on tracks with me while working Dino. She is just standing back, while Dino is the primary. She gets the scent in the start like Dino, and she appears interested. She appears to be following it along the way. I want her to hear and understand how I talk to Dino and the words I use with him and how he works a trail. I want her to see what a trail is like and all the different things that happen.

Lure Coursing at Soquel

I took both Dot and Dino to a lure coursing fun day in Soquel in Santa Cruz County. She did all five runs with full speed to spare. Three of them she ran with Dino, and they both were very equal. One of them I ran with another dog that was there, and they were both very even. It was also a nice little JRT mix.

The last one I ran by herself and she was still running full speed! I will take her again. I sent an email to Luratics, who is running the Wags to Wishes Event in July. I asked if they were running competitions or just fun runs.

I also did a Google search on all breed lure coursing and found a club in WI that has held an official trial last year. I am on their Yahoo group and I put in a post asking if they were going to have another trial soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometime in May and Last Night

I worked Dot a couple of times I forgot to note. One one track that Dino did with Rocki's scent, I ran Dot on a section of the same track after running Dino. I gave her the scent in a plastic bag with a few pieces of kibble. Then I set up three more scented targets along the short track. She was very focused on the track the whole time and found each target.

Just last night, after doing a cat search in Alameda, I drove to a nearby business park and walked Dino on a short track. I came back about an hour and a half later and set the targets about 10 feet into the start, and then at a left turn and then at the end. I gave her the scent in a plastic bag with kibble near the start. She got the track all along and even picked up the left turn on her own and followed it to the end. This was the first track I did with just the targets and adding a turn. I will practice more of those turns.

Soquel, May 17, 2009

Coastal Dog Owners Group and Living With Dogs had their big Spring Dog Festival. This was the first time I had attended. I had just heard about it about three weeks prior. I came back a day early from vacation to attend this.

Dot ran several times in the Terrier races. She did great and was very fast. At the end, sometimes she tends to jump out of the course over the fence. We had some talks and by the last couple of races she was going through the hole in the cushion.

I also ran her through the lure coursing both by herself and with Dino. She ran very fast. By the end of the day, she still wanted to keep racing.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 1, 2009 - Dublin

After running Dino on a case in Dublin, I took Dot to a nearby park to put out some tracks for her. I walked around the park to see what it looked like, and it was pretty big. I decided to set two types of tracks for her. I set the first one with Scout and treats over various surfaces up stairs, over a fountain, up a little wall, through a playground and then back out to a large grassy area and up to the end of the grassy area near the fence. I wanted this one to age a bit.

I then went and set another track with Scout where I had a scent article with treats at one end and a scent article and treats at the other with nothing in the middle. I just walked Scout from one article to the next on a grassy area. The distance was about 25 feet up a small hump. I ran Dot on this track. She was following the track really well, and when she went off to the side to check out the scent, she came back and was following it up to the top and over the hump to the scent article. I was impressed that she was so focused on the track.

On the longer track she was very focused. It looked like part of the track in the playground had been eaten by another dog I saw walking in that area, but Dot was still following the scent. I told her to "check" the areas and then she picked up the treats around the corner and followed it all the way out to the grassy area and up the hill to the tree near the fence.

I did something a little extra that I used to do with Dino. I walked Dot back along the track that I walked Scout back to the car so she could pick up the scent was still there. I could tell she was still following the scent on her own. When we got back to the car, I gave her more treats for following the trail.

I am doing this part different with Dot than with Dino. I am doing both types of tracks with Dot simultaneously, compared to Dino I did first the tracking with the treats and then I transferred him to the track without the treats. This should help me to move things along a bit faster with Dot.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

I was down in Sunnyvale for another reason and I had Dot and Dino with me. Afterwards, I set up a track across a grassy area, then down a paved path with a couple of turns and then a left turn back onto the grass. I hid the scent article with treats behind a tree. I spaced the treats out anywhere from one to eight feet in various spots, coming closer at turns.

I brought Dot out and put on her harness. I started her in some tan bark just before the grass. The grass was a couple of inches tall, in need of cutting. She followed it along the grass really well, and was definitely tracking along the grass to find the treats and follow the track. She was putting more work in on the grass, which is normal. No problem on the paved path, got the turns. Great again on the grass before the tree and followed the track around to behind the tree.

I was pretty happy. I thought she stayed on the track solidly and appeared to be trying to find the track when she couldn't see the food in the grass.

Friday, April 17, 2009

April 18, 2009 - UCD Terrier Races

More to come. These are tommorrow.

April 17, 2009

I will summarize some things I have been doing with Dot the last few days

Yesterday I took Dot to the Castro Valley dog park. They have both a large and small dog park. I took her to the small dog park because I thought she would be challenging to the big dogs. She did great with the little dogs and seemed a lot more at ease. The only dog she was having a problem with was a herding dog mix that was fence fighting with the big dogs next door and Dot was joining in. I did stop her, of course, and tried to redirect her to another part of the park. The owner of that dog was not controlling his dog at all, so it was tough to constantly keep Dot away from him, and I didn't want there to be a fight if one of them didn't back down. I had her in there for about 20 minutes with it being pretty positive and then I took her out.

That same day, earlier at Hayward's Memorial Park, I worked Dot on a clicker and having Mercury in his crate. I brought the crate out and clicked and treated each time she displayed interest in the crate and checking out Mercury. She was doing great, but then got distracted by a vehicle that pulled up. I had her do it one more time with gusto, and then I stopped.

I also brought with me a small dried carcass that I found a couple of weeks ago. I had Dino touch it several times and then click and treat after each. He did it several times with gusto. I brought out Dot, and she was barely interested. She liked better the live squirrels that were moving around in the trees above us.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did a track with Dot at the downtown shopping center. I laid the track, which had a few turns, short legs and spacing from two, three and four feet. It had some curbs and dirt and concrete. It was aged one hour. When I got back from laying a track for Dino down at Bay Fair, I ran Dot through hers. She was dead on it and never lifted her head even when I lost the track when I was too far over. She quickly found it again and followed it again. She got the turns and even kept on the four foot spacing. I was pretty happy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I laid a track for Dot at Bay Fair Mall. I walked Scout up a walk way that led to a back entrance of the mall and then I made a right turn toward a covered walkway and then another right turn to head back out. I made a left turn when the building stopped and then another right turn in about 15 feet when I got to the building. I made another left turn at the end of the building and then another left and then a right to where the scent article was.

She got all the turns and only picked up her head once near the end. It took her a few seconds to find the scent article at the end. She was going around and around it and then found it.

The big difference was that this track was two hours old and she didn't have any problems at all. I am working on aging the track and adding the various componets described in the VST training book. I don't want to lenghten the track yet until the other two are increased. I am also working on increasing the steps between the kibble. I am up to the most at three steps and she hasn't had a problem at all with that. She keeps forward and is definitely sniffing out the trail.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 8, 2009

San Carlos - After picking up my mail at Lorrie's house, I went to the Wells Fargo bank. Behind the bank is a large parking lot that has stores on three of its perimeter and the street on the fourth side.

I laid the track with Dino along the back of the stores with a few turns here and there. Most of the tracks have been 15 to 20 minutes long by the time I lay the track, get Dot from the car and get back to the front.

She did really well. When she did briefly loose the track she looked around and around until she found the correct direction.

I will start to increase the age of the track and to increase the spots from two to three steps.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dot's First Race Meet

April 4, 2009 - Sloughhouse, CA. Three times a year a person puts on racing meets where all breeds can particiapate and compete against each other. I had gone there once before last year to shoot the event. I went back again this year and entered both Dino and Dot. See Dino's blog for his results.

I practiced with Dot on Saturday since she had not done it before, not had she had a muzzle on and those are required. She adapted to the muzzle quickly and then I ran her in a couple of practice runs first half way and then all the way. She was lightening fast!

I decided to sign up her the next morning. So now, in addition to shooting the other dogs, I had to manage both Dot and Dino's races. It was a very busy day.

Dot raced against two other Rat Terriers, both who were very fast and experienced. Dot won all three races. At the end of the day I asked if I could run both Dot and Dino together. Dino was out front until Dot caughted up with him and passed him. I think Dino was pretty surprised.

I have her signed up for the Terrier races next weekend at the UC Davis Picnic Day. I also sent in her LP registration for UKC so I can race her in May at a two day terrier meet in Ione. I think I must be totally nuts, but I was also looking into taking her to Kalamzoo, MI, in June for the national UKC show. Holy crap, I don't even know where Michigan is. I think it is north.

Here are some photos from the meet that somebody else took for me. I also took some portraits of her after the show. Dot is in the blue blanket.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I took Dot to a large parking lot in a business park in San Leandro. I brought Dino out and laid a long track with kibble every two feet. The track started at the water fountain and went along one of the paved path and then went along grass and back to the sidewalk, out to the parking lot and crossed a planter to the scent article. This one included a lenghth of grass for about twenty feet, which was her longest. She followed it all along the grass without a look up. She followed the track all the way to the scent article.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After doing a track with Dino in Castro Valley, I looked for a spot to do a track with Dot. It was dark by then so I had to find a well lit parking somewhere without a lot of traffic. I found a nice parking lot in a strip mall. I put out the foot pieces about one foot apart. I did some rounded corners and some corners that were more closer to 90 degrees. I am slowly working to the 90 degree turns. We also went up and down curbs and planter boxes with concrete curbs. She was very focused the whole track.

At the beginning of the track with Dino's scent, I put down a scent pad with cut up rolled food treats. I bring her up to the start with the long line and harness and get her rev ed and pumped up. I let her go and say "take scent" and when she has finished the treats, I tell her "search" and guide her to start the track and then she is off! When she got about two feet from the end where there was another hidden scent pad with more rolled treats, she stopped and stared in the direction of the scent pad, even though she couldn't see it behind the curb. She didn't take the treats and more and went right for the area of the scent pad, which I think is fine. Since she couldn't see it, she was picking up its scent. What this tells me is that I can start to hide it more and that she is ready for a bit more advanced end. Maybe hiding it in bushes or something more substantial.

I am pretty happy. Since she is older and very focused and I now know what to look for, I think I can more her along a bit faster, though still in small increments. I don't think I need to do all the repetition I did with Dino.

Earlier that day I did some clicker training with Dot and did the first exercise of putting an article near her and getting her to move her head in the direction. I put a toy in front of her and, after several minutes I got her to move her head down in that direction. She was definitely getting that moving her head in the direction of the toy got her a treat. This is the first step, for her to understand that she can do somethings and control the click and treat. I think she will pick up pretty quick once she get the game.

Friday, March 20, 2009 - First Day at the Beach

Today was Dot's first trip to the beach, and she had a blast.

We had gone to Fort Funston a couple of weeks ago, but it was too cold and late to make the run down to the beach. But today, the weather was better and we had bit of extra time.

She ran down the steep sand path down to the beach from the dog park, and then she ran up and down a couple of more times with Scout until I got down there. I saw her run out to the water and start drinking. It was funny. I'm sure she just saw water, not knowing it was salty. She probably realized it later. I bet the salt water was delicious as first, especially since she hadn't seen salt water before. She ran through the low waves kind of jumping up and down as she jumped the waves. I didn't want her to go out too far because there are places that may suck her down especially if she was not aware of them.

Both Dino and Scout chased her all over the place and she loved it. I think she really liked that there was so much space. She ran and ran and ran all over. She found a flock of birds in the water and went right after them. Unfortunately, she also ran after them as they flew down the beach. I called and called her but she kept chasing them. I had to run after her calling her name over and over and finally she came back. She was still running full force and barely breathing hard.

I did have some of the rolled food cut up and I was rewarding her for coming back so she would know she gets rewards for coming back.

I think she had a great time. I would love to get her back to the beach ASAP. I have to go back to SF again on Sunday. If I have time, I will take them back.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dot's training has been moving along pretty well. Tonight we got her tracking harness from a pet store. Forest green to match her collar. I took her across the street to a park and did a single track with her. Now, I am doing some thing different than how I trained Dino. First, I am walking either Dino or Scout on the track with me, so Dot is being trained to follow an animal from the start, rather than with Dino, who was trained to follow my scent and then had to be switched over. I never understood that. I always thought, "Why not train on an animal scent first?" "Why then switch over?" I mentioned that to Donna but she never said anything. Just recently, she said different which is to start training on an animal from the beginning.

Also, I am using similar scent articles (old clothing pieces) that I am using on Dino. So, I put one of these at the beginning with several chucks of rolled food. That gives her some really good scent to work off of. Then we have the same thing at the end, also with food chunks. I tried that tonight at the beginning and end of a long track of kibble. She was really focused on the ground and looking for something.

I space the kibble pieces out about one foot step in between a few pieces of kibble. On the corners I decreased the space and increased the food. I am slowly making the turns 90 degrees from large rounded turns. This track had some turns, some curves, some straights and then ended onto grass about two feet from the concrete. This was at a busy park in Hayward at about 8 PM. We did the track twice with the same kibble, meaning I did not put down more kibble. She was very focused on the track the whole time. I did make sure she was also hungry to keep her focused. She didn't mind the harness.

Friday, February 27, 2009

These are my first pictures of Dot. Two problems here. My camera has issues at the bottom of all the images. This is a fatal problem. This is why I can't shooting professionally with it anymore, why I need to by a new camera.

Second, Dot is very camera shy. I must have taken about 25 shots for her Mixed Breed Dog Club registration and this is the only one she is facing forward. She was turning around and away from the camera. I think she was afraid of the camera. This was a split second that I got this one before she turned away.

She is learning "Sit" and "Stay" and "Wait," which she is picking up quickly. She is getting better around strange dogs and is less growly. We can get closer to the dog before she gets anxious. Definitely much better around strange people. She practically doesn't bark at strange people anymore.

I did more tracks with her and cat food. The last track was with Dino's scent so we can now train using animal scent rather than transitioning her later one.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, Feburary 8, 2009

I have not taken her to a class yet for training. I would like to do that as soon as I have some regular money coming in. Maybe I can take her to one of Vicki's beginner classes because she is going to need some work on how she responds to other dogs. She is going to need to adjust that. And I am going to need to spend some time with her on that.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today Dot had her first tracking lesson. I was on my way back from taking Dino to a case for a lost cat in Davis. On the way back, I decided to stop on West Marina in one of the empty business park parking lots. I used the cat food I had in my truck. I did three straight tracks with small piles of food every 1/2 step and a small jackpot at the end. She was very eager and excited, especially by the third track once she had figured out what was going on. I think she will do really well as a tracker. Lots of enthusiasm.