Dot Lure Coursing in Hollister

Dot Lure Coursing in Hollister

Friday, July 31, 2009

Temperament Test, Dixon, August 2, 2009

On August 2, 2009, in Dixon, CA, Dot passed her Temperament Test put on by the American Temperament Test Society. Here is a link to the description of the test:

Oval Track Practice, Napa

A greyhound breeder in Napa, about an hour and a half north of my home, has created an oval track on the back part of this property. He uses it to train his own dogs, and then he also has practices for others to use. He has to stop when it rains because it is too sloppy and muddy and that is just his parking lot, which is all dirt.

We have been there several times and both Dino and Dot love it. The back part of the track is built below ground so it is difficult for the dogs to turn around or go through the middle since they can't see it or can't see the start line.

It is good for them to see the differences in types of tracks. They have now done oval track, straight racing and lure coursing and done very well in all of those.

Dot's First Mile Long Track, Santa Rosa, July 30, 2009

I was called to Santa Rosa to do a search for a missing pug by the same of Maya. While driving to their home, I received a call that Maya had been found. Upon arriving, I asked if I could run the track with Dino and then run Dot, who is in tracking training, later on the track, and they said fine. The daughter wanted to go along with me on Maya's track.

Maya's track actually lasted several hours and she stopped it prior to finding the full route because she had to go to work.

After running Maya's track and getting some lunch, I took Dot out to run the same track. For the next hour and a half she got every single corner and turn. I tested her in various spots and she correctly confirmed or denied "yes's" and "no's."

I was thrilled. I had no idea if she could do a long track like that. I knew she would not have a problem with the age of the track because she has completed older tracks. She really has picked up a lot just being on tracks with Dino. What a great way to train a dog. Have them go along on other searches.