Dot Lure Coursing in Hollister

Dot Lure Coursing in Hollister

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Borzoi Rescue All K9 Races!

Borzoi Rescue All K9 Races
Sloughhouse, CA
October 2009


Saturday:First place in all her races, which were all against Chip, a Labrador Retriever

Sunday: First place in all her races. The first was against an Italian Greyhound and the last two were against Dino. Dino was in the terrier group for his first race and then got moved up because he was too fast for them.


Saturday: He raced Dot and Chip and Dino was disqualified for the rest of the day because he went after Chip halfway down the track

Sunday: His first race he won first place because we put him in with the terriers since he usually doesn't run too fast. But he was way out front, so we moved him out of that and moved in the IG. Dino then raced against Dot for the last two. He gave it a good effort. In fact, Audrey said he was out front for a ways on the last one, but then Dot passed him.

These same races will be next month also, so we will try again.

Photos will be coming eventually. Dave Mills was shooting, but I don't know when he will have them ready.